The Gatekeeper’s final throes?

In discussing the current state of book publishing, one thing is clear to everyone. Much like the rest of the entertainment channels, the gatekeepers are more and more risk averse. Which means, as far as the ‘Big 5’, the gates are pretty much shut unless, 1. they are already a sizable fiction brand a la Steven King or James Patterson (how many books have been published with Tom Clancy’s name attached since he’s been gone?), or 2. they are already a high-profile name for any other reason. Snooki is a published author, remember.

I remember when the real-estate/credit/instrument bubble began collapsing. There was a period there when all related activity began consolidating to fewer and fewer players. There was a desperate phase of double-down as a couple of institutions thought they were making a good play by buying up former competitors. The intensity of the situation became obvious when every deal had to conform to Fannie Mae guidelines, because that was the last unit willing to buy the stuff.

It looks like Century has gone full keeper-tard by throwing both A and B into a pot together and providing us with the results. This sort of feels like the literary equivalent an sudden MCU installment of Power Man and Iron Fist, with Luke Cage played by Lebron James.




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